Road Freight Groupage

Road Freight Groupage is a viable solution when the cargo you wish to carry from one destination to another is not large enough to fill one whole trailer. In these situations, booking a whole trailer means paying for unused space. Fahrenheit’s groupage service is an affordable alternative in which clients share a trailer with other businesses, thus paying only for the space they require.

  • Weekly groupage service for all main destinations in Europe, including Germany, Italy, UK, France, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Austria, and the Baltics.

  • A network of agents and partners servicing countries outside Europe

  • A hassle-free door-to-door service

  • Road/air or road/sea services

  • Temperature-controlled groupage

  • Consolidation

  • Peace of mind – each lot is tagged and sealed to make sure that your cargo safely makes it to its destination

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